Protect your sports memorabilia with our custom acrylic boxes

Acrylic Boxes for your Memorabilia

Just as custom as the frames we make

We would like to introduce you to our new line of Premium Acrylic boxes, cases we now carry for all of your custom needs.  


We have boxes made for –

Footballs – $80

Baseballs – $60

Basketballs – $120

Mini Helmets – $60

Full Sized Helmets – $120

Soccer Balls – $120


IMG_4421 IMG_4420 IMG_4419 IMG_4418


And as you can see from the baseball base in the pictures, we can have just about anything custom-made for you.  (The baseball base was made to either be a table feature or in this case to hang on the wall in the shape of a baseball diamond.


We don’t stop at just providing the boxes, we also customize them with team colored mats and engraved plates.  Don’t you think its time to preserve some of your favorite memories / items?

Go ahead and give us a call.  (713) 681-5077



IMG_4409 IMG_4408 IMG_4405











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