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Custom Framing all types of Sports Memorabilia

Art & Frame Etc. has framed countless Sports Jerseys for professional athletes and Collectors.

At Art and Frame Etc. we specialize in framing sports memorabilia.  Let us protect your investment or special item in only the way we can.  We have been serving Athletes, Teams, & Fans at all levels for years.  We are a trusted business partner with The Houston Texans, The Houston Rockets & The Houston Dynamo.  We are also the Custom Frame shop for many Professional Sports Athletes, Sports Collectors, Sports Fans and Sports enthusiasts.  Don’t let your valuable sports pieces sit around collecting dust and losing value.  Let us help you protect your investment.  Our prices are great and our quality can’t be beat.  We take great care in stretching jerseys and selecting the right background, team logo, colors, borders, adding pictures, plates, gloves, etc.

Notice the different elements we use in the pieces below.

We do all these things because we know how much you care about displaying and protecting your valuable sports pieces.  After all, it does not matter if it is going on the wall in the Man Cave, going up for auction on Ebay, passed down to your children, given as a gift to a loved one, or any other reason, we want it to last a lifetime!

At Art & Frame Etc., we are all about Sports!  Give us a call and let us know how we can help you.  We guarantee to provide the best service and highest quality workmanship!